Women's Club Mini-Groups

Join mini-groups at the beginning or end of the Fall Membership Event. Please note that some mini-groups have dues in addition to your Women’s Club dues.

Click HERE for a PDF version of this information. 

Book Discussion Club
Meets the 2nd Thursday of the month from 9:30a.m. - 11:30a.m.
Judy Chiburis  713-973-1303

Dinner Club
Neighborhood couples wine and dine!
Nikki McCorkle  832-857-3527

Mother’s Club
Mom's Night Out events, children’s parties, game nights and playgroups. See www.wilchestermothersclub.com. Additional dues $25. 
Melissa Treadway  713-825-7566
Courtney Squillante  713-447-8358
Stephanie Vining  858-761-6864

Opera Study Group
Learn more about opera in a friendly setting over coffee. 3-4 Friday morning meetings per year, prior to opera productions.  
Imelda Gott  281-923-4834 

Meets the 3rd Thursday of each month for lunch
Donna Selke  832-328-5851

Social Club
Meet & mingle with neighbors at two evening couples parties: Christmas Tacky Sweater Party (December 10th) & Beer Olympics (date TBA) - Additional dues $40
Ako Atkinson  713-446-9695
Emily Dickey  713-299-1006 

Sunshine Committee
A neighborhood tradition of assisting new families
Traci Meadows  210-355-7352

Wilchester Women Give Back
Come be part of our neighborhood service group, which provides opportunities for women in the neighborhood, as well as their children, to give back to the community.
Patrice Jegi  832-277-3499