Esplanade/Median Update 2019-2020

Update on Esplanade Upgrades 11/19/19

Wilchester Community,

As a part of the WOC’s Wilcrest Esplanade Beautification Project, phase one will  consists of removing dying, hazardous trees as well as saplings/underdeveloped/undesirable trees, random shrubs, old concrete footings PLUS removing dead wood as well as trimming/pruning ALL of the oaks & crepe myrtles that will be retained in all of our 21 medians. Once this work is complete, our design committee will have an accurate look at the gaps that will need to be filled-in with new trees and/or landscaping. 


This phase one work is planned to happen by the end of 2019.  Stay tuned for our plan for additions to the medians to be installed later in 2020 (after the heat of the summer & once the special assessment has been collected in full.) We are also anticipating some street panel replacements to happen on Wilcrest through our District G council office so we are planning our median work to avoid this timing as well.  Further design discussion is planned for our March annual meeting.

Thank you,
Wilchester Owners Committee




During the Annual Homeowners Meeting in March 2019 we discussed a project to improve the landscaping and design of the esplanades along Wilcrest Drive.  It was unanimously agreed among all Annual Meeting attendees to move forward with this project, however thcost of the assessment is lower than originally presented.To this end, the Owners Committee has begun to investigate design and landscaping options, with the goal of increasing the attractiveness and natural beauty of our neighborhood.  

This project will require a Special Assessment of $300 per household.  This amount can be paid in its entirety in 2019 or split into two payments,  $150 due in 2019 and the other half due 2020.


We intend to have the plans available for review here by September 30, 2019. 


Thank you,

Wilchester Owners Committee”